Throw Back: Murdering Motherfuckers With Ice-T 2014

You know it’s going to be an interesting day when you pick up the phone on a conference call and the first thing you hear is Ice-T yelling, “I wanna murder motherfuckers!” at you.

That was the pre-cursor to heading to Brooklyn to shoot the cover and publicity shots for the 2014 album for Ice-T’s band Body Count. Considering the album was called “Manslaughter” his request makes sense. 

I had worked with Ice-T before and he is extremely passionate about his band and their music. After he had laid out his “I wanna murder motherfuckers” concept, I told him we should give it a good ol’ grindhouse treatment to really fit what he was looking for. A little of his idea, a little of my idea, but we were clearly on the same creative page. I created a mock-up, and the art director did an amazing job bringing it to life – check out the before and after:

Fun Fact: several of the actors who appeared on the album cover have also appeared on “Law & Order: SVU” with Ice-T too. Looks like good things happen around Ice – even if he IS “murdering motherfuckers.”