Metal Hammer cover shoot with Mastodon

Back in February of this year, I hopped over to Atlanta to grab some shots of Mastodon in their fantastic new rehearsal space, Ember City.

Brent Hinds has the best prankster sense of humor so it wasn’t much of a shock when he walked in with his pit bull, a green “fez” hat, glasses that would have made Elton John envious, and tons of heavy gold chains à la Mr. T. It was absolutely amazing but since it wasn’t quite the look Metal Hammer magazine had in mind for a cover shoot, I did gently talk him into changing.

Once the official shoot was wrapped I got to indulge in one of the best parts of my job – I kept snapping while the band started jamming out on one of their brand new songs. It’s always such an honor to witness artists in the process of creating.

I’m sure a lot of Atlanta bands will really enjoy the opportunity to rent out the rehearsal space too.