Detroit, Chene Street 2015


Detroit, Chene Street 2015

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Wet Plate Street Photography Fine Art Prints


Each museum-quality, archival pigment print is made from a glass pate negative scan and signed by the artist. The glass plate negative has been made by using a 160-year old photography process called wet plate collodion. Each negative is painstakingly handcrafted on location in a portable darkroom.

All open edition prints are signed on the front, and limited edition prints are signed and numbered.


I discovered wet plate collodion photography after two decades of working as a music photographer, documenting the underground and popular music scenes in New York City and around the world.

My body of work includes magazine features, album and book covers, and projects with legendary celebrities and musicians—incredible opportunities for a kid who came of age shooting local bands at DIY rock shows.

The urge to create—to return to my darkroom roots—led me to wet plate, a completely handmade process with origins in the 1850s where metal or glass plates are sensitized, exposed, and developed on-site using a portable darkroom. It's magic and science rolled into one exciting medium.

Shortly after my first wet plate experience, I was dragging my darkroom and large format camera through the streets of NYC, making images by hand.

The process has challenged and inspired me. It’s reconnected me with my native (disappearing) New York and the origins of my photographic journey.

Today I split my time between commercial assignments and creating my wet plate images. When I’m lucky, I get to combine the two.